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There are 6 different levels. An intensive course is based on a 2-week period with 20 hours of lessons per week. The period can be extended as long as you like. If you can remain in Arezzo only one week, you can still take part in classes as courses begin every Monday. The maximum class size is 10 students. Lessons are held from Monday to Friday, usually in the mornings. The number of hours per day may be reduced if a class has fewer than 6 students as the lessons are then more intensive. In the afternoons, individual lessons are given or courses for a specific purpose or of a cultural nature.

Teaching is based on a lively, partecipative approach with a lot of student interaction. The language is presented in context and a lot of the materials used are authentic. Students receive up-to-date information on Italian culture and society using language every day. Special attention is paid to grammatical structures, with students encouraged to actively search out the appropriate grammar rather than passively receiving the teacher's instruction. Group work, role play, audio and videocassettes play a part in keeping lessons active and interesting.