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Family accommodation

single room 119 Euro
shared room 89 Euro
breakfast 30 Euro
breakfast and dinner 148 Euro

Apartment accommodation

single room 137 Euro
shared room 113 Euro

These prices are per person per week and include accommodation, change of bed linen, gas and electricity.

Hotel accommodation

Hotel rooms start at around 60€ per day for a single room and 85€ per day for a twin or double room, depending on the standard of hotel.

Other accommodation

Bed&Breakfast accomodation starts from 45€ per day. Rooms or entire apartments can also be booked in Country Villas and this type of lodging offers you the advantage of living in the Tuscany countryside. Car transport would, however, be essential and bookings need to be made as early as possible. There is also a Youth Hostel on the edge of town.

Accommodation booking is usually from the Sunday before your course starts to the Saturday after it ends. You will be informed of your accommodation details at least 15 days before your course starts. Please inform either the family or the school of the approximate time of your arrival and how you will be travelling. If you require different arrangements, please specify these at the time of enrolment.